Teaching drums and percussion

Tuition is available for children and adults

delivered at home, online, at my studio or through school

Testimonials: parents

“I just wanted to comment that we have had a really positive experience with Michael, my son has been really enjoying the lessons”.

“My [children] are in his Saturday afternoon beginners class and they are very happy. Through the door I have seen him teach them with encouragement and patience and I am happy that they are enjoying it. I think some of the other children in the class can behave quite disruptively and he manages them fairly well, considering”.

“My son is currently Michael’s student and I'm glad to say that [my son] is enjoying a lot the Drum lessons and likes how Michael teaches them”.

“My son is really enjoying his classes. I think he is really doing a great job. A very good choice”.

“He's been fab so far. I have a very enthusiastic little boy just starting drums and he's managed that in a mixed age group really well. It isn't easy when small children without current skill are desperate to be the next famous drum player but he's been fab. I've heard him outside the lesson and been impressed”. 

Testimonials: adult pupils

“Good, he just taught me how to read music. He made it easy”. Anon

"Michael has provided me with 1 to 1 tuition online for glockenspiel for nearly a year. Lessons are fun and engaging with coverage of both practical and theory provided. 'Homework' is set which allows the lesson content to be maximised, supported by home practice. I have definitely seen significant progress in both my sight reading and playing. Michael uses his knowledge to ensure that subtleties in style are considered when playing different genres of music. Michael has also tailored lessons to assist my preparation for performing Timpani. As an amateur musician with experience on other percussion instruments, I would certainly recommend Michael for tuition for novice and experienced musicians alike." - Colin

Videos: private pupils

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